Gamicsoft is a gaming media focusing on news, reviews & articles. Gamicsoft is also a platform for users to review, comment and engage with other gamers.


  • Spearheaded the frontend development of Gamicsoft, Laravel Framework and JavaScript for frontend user interface, and developed mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms using Ionic / Angular. Seamlessly integrating REST/RESTful APIs for comprehensive mobile application functionality.

  • These strategic choices accelerated development, improved performance, and enhanced user experiences, ultimately expanding Gamicsoft's reach and engagement. Leveraged the power of Spatie's laravel-translatable library in conjunction with Laravel's native localization feature to achieve full localization of content, catering to a diverse range of readers in both Mandarin and English.

  • Executed effective meta-data practices to optimize search engine visibility and improve search engine optimization (SEO), augmenting the platform's discoverability and driving organic traffic and user engagement. Propelled Gamicsoft to remarkable growth, accumulating 55k Facebook followers, solidifying its position as a leading local media platform for gaming news.

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